Well Equipped and Spacious Classrooms:

The school is equipped with State-of-art and spacious classrooms for the comfort of the students and to provide a congenial atmosphere for study.



Computer Lab:

The School has provision for computer aided learning from the I Class itself to make the students aware of the latest technology available. At the initial stages, when attending the school seems to be a burden to the child, the computers turn learning into fun for the tiny tots. The computer labs have all the software’s required for academic purposes. Hardware and Software is continuously upgraded to cope with the latest technology and trend.



Abacus Progress :

Knowledge is available through various media .The Essential learning skills that we are mentioning are concentration while studying speed and accuracy (in calculation reading, Writing, Memory, Retention & recall, Visualization & Creativity etc. In entire process number is the language and Abacus is the tool.


  • The Concept is to develop learning skills in children through the development of airthematic skills using abacus.
  • When a child works on sums given through dictation, all three modes of learning (Kinesthetic, Visual & Auditory) are active at the same time which improves the Childs hand-eye-ear –coordination .This improves the Childs concentration levels.
  • A five sense of sight & sound, finger movements and hand eye coordination.
Problem –Solving and Mental arithmetic capabilities


Educomp’s smart class is a technology oriented initiative for schools. It provides tools and content for interactive self-paced learning by students, as well as rich-media presentations for teacher-led classroom learning. It’s a new age technology movement that is fast becoming an imperative for schools.

Educomp smart class Benefits:

  • Improves teacher effectiveness and productivity in class.
  • It brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.
  • Makes learning an enjoyable experience for students.
  • Improves academic performance of students.
  • Enables instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.
  • It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.

SAS (Smart Assessment System) Exam:

SAS is a device which is used in Shaikh Central School to conduct assessment for the students. Teachers are conducting SAS Test after completion of every topic.

1. Improves Teachers effectiveness and productivity in class.
2. Makes learning an enjoyable experience for the students.
3. Improves academic performance of the students.
4. Teachers can focus more on weaker students.
5. Easy evaluation.




The school has its own fleet of vehicles for transportation of students. There are 3 buses for the convenience of the students. In each vehicle a teacher ensures the safe boarding of every student.



The importance of reading has been emphasized with provision for a library. Books, magazines, Journals, Periodicals and News Papers are available at appropriate levels to inculcate reading habit among the students. A spacious reading room is attached to the library where the students sit and utilize their vacant hours in reading. The class Time Table provides a library period to each class once a week. Students are also allowed to borrow books from the library. 

Library Details :-

(i) Size of Library – 35sqmtrs x 30sqmtrs.

(ii) Number of Books – 3,525.

(iii) Number of Dailies – 02.

Stand-by Generators -

In order to ensure uninterrupted power supply the school is equipped with stand - by generators.



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