Shaikh Central School


Principal Message

     I would like to express my honor in being able to serve as the Principal of Shaikh Central School. It is a great privilege and an opportunity to join an organization that places highest values on imparting Quality Education. As principal, I aspire to maintain and strengthen the school’s achievements by continuing to foster a rich environment where students are actively involved in meaningful learning.Within each student there is a leader, a teacher, a doctor, an environmentalist, a writer etc. Education is all about empowering the students to discover themselves and their talents. At Shaikh Central School, we encourage and develop their natural curiosity and interests. Every student is special and is recognized and helped to develop self confidence and to blossom into a healthy teenager and a productive member of the society. We provide the right opportunities for them to develop as individuals.

I look forward to this great task ahead of me in nurturing the young minds in my care.

– Gultaz Basha Khan

   Incharge Principal